An iconic architectural work in the heart of Venice is about to reopen its doors to the public and visitors, revealing a new chapter of culture and discovery. The Palazzina Masieri, a fascinating building on the Grand Canal signed by the celebrated Friulian architect, is ready to shine once again thanks to a partnership between Heritage Asset Management and Galerie Negropontes.

Angelo Masieri Fondaution

The Angelo Masieri Foundation, dedicated to the distinguished architect originally from Villa Santina, recently undertook a major maintenance project on this building, renowned for its original design by Frank Lloyd Wright, which was never realized, and its current interior design conceived by Carlo Scarpa.

This restoration is made possible by a collaboration between Heritage Asset Management, a company linked to the Iuav University of Venice, and Galerie Negropontes, a renowned French art gallery based in Paris.

The synergistic approach of these entities triumphed in the competition to enhance the value of the Palazzina Masieri, with a commitment to finance, design and implement the conservation restoration and improvement of the facilities, along with a cultural plan in harmony with the Foundation's mission.

This reopening will not only provide access to a fascinating place, but will also kick off a series of cultural initiatives, demonstrating how architecture and art can work together for an engaging and inspiring experience.

The latest news on Venetian architecture

Beginning with the next Art Biennale, Palazzina Masieri, a prominent building on the Grand Canal in Venice designed by the renowned Friulian architect, will reopen to the public and visitors with a series of cultural events curated by Heritage Asset Management and Galerie Negropontes.

The Angelo Masieri Foundation, dedicated to the renowned Friulian architect originally from Villa Santina, has recently begun maintenance work on the Palazzina Masieri, recognized for its Frank Lloyd Wright design (which was never realized) and its current interior configuration designed by Carlo Scarpa.

The Foundation, in close association with the Iuav University of Venice, as emphasized by the Masieri family, associates its name with the Foundation, and its rector Benno Albrecht is the organization's president.

The work on the building in Venice (by a famous architect from Friuli)

ca masieri reopens in venice
Photo by Wolfgang Moroder via Wikimedia commons

The restoration and improvement work on Palazzina Masieri is made possible through a partnership between Heritage Asset Management, an Iuav-affiliated company led by Roberta Bartolone and Giulio Mangano, and Galerie Negropontes, a Paris-based French art gallery founded in 2011 and directed by Sophie Negropontes.

This partnership was selected as the winner of the proposal submitted by the Foundation to enhance Palazzina Masieri.

The Foundation's partners will undertake to finance, design and complete the building's conservation restoration and facilities improvement, as well as develop a cultural project aligned with the Foundation's statutory objectives.

A series of initiatives thanks to the opening of this building

With the reopening of the building to the public, a series of initiatives will be initiated. Monthly open tours will be scheduled for citizens and visitors. Also, starting next year, on Angelo Masieri's birthday (Dec. 6), an annual event will be organized to honor the architect and the history of the Foundation, in collaboration with Fam and Iuav.

During this event, there will be lecture series and discussions focused on conservation restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

The events

Events promoting knowledge and appreciation of Carlo Scarpa's works will also be organized, as well as small chamber music concerts exploring the link between music and architecture.

An experimental project is planned to permanently reactivate the guest quarters on the second floor of the Palazzina.

In fact, according to the bylaws of the Angelo Masieri Foundation, the goal is to support Italian and foreign students interested in studies and research in the field of architecture and the cities of Veneto and Friuli.

To conclude

Ultimately, the imminent reopening of the Palazzina Masieri in Venice promises to be an exciting event that combines the architectural legacy of a Friulian master with today's cultural innovation.

Thanks to the tenacious collaboration between Heritage Asset Management, Galerie Negropontes and the Angelo Masieri Foundation, the building is preparing to embark on a new chapter in its history, opening its doors to citizens and visitors to explore the fusion of architecture, art and tradition.

The commitment to conservative restoration and respect for the architect's original vision is combined with an exciting cultural program that will offer meetings, lectures and moments of discovery, from guided tours to concerts, in a perfect blend of past and present.

The reopening of Palazzina Masieri is not only an opportunity to celebrate art and architecture, but also to honor the past while looking to the future, opening up new opportunities for appreciation of the architectural and cultural beauty of Venice.

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