Once you land in Venice Marco Polo Airport you want to know the easiest ways to get to the city center. Luckily, we have prepared this easy guide on the 4 better ways to get to Venice from the airport.

Let's find out immediately what are the most suitable ways for you to explore the marvelous floating city of Venice.

4 easy ways to reach the center of Venice from Venice Marco Polo Airport

how to get to venice from marco polo venice airport - Nicola Giordano da Pixabay

In this article we'll discuss all the easiest ways to get to the city from its main airport.

However, you may want to know that there are two airports which are close to the city:

  • Marco Polo, the international airport and actually the closest one:
  • and the Canova, which is located in the city of Treviso. Anyway, Treviso airport is a bit farther from the floating city.

In this guide, we will dedicate only to Marco Polo International Airport (but maybe we'll talk about the Treviso one in a later article).

So let's begin our journey among the 4 easiest ways to reach the center of the city by the lagoon.

1. From Marco Polo Airport to Venice city center by Mestre Express bus: one of the cheapest ways

from marco polo airport to piazzale roma by atvo bus services ticket machines (NakNakNak da Pixabay )

If you want to use the public transport to reach Venice, you may be happy to know that there is a proper bus line for you.

It is called Mestre express bus and it connects the airport with Piazzale Roma, in the city of Venice.

The only two stops it makes on the way to the city is at Mestre train station and at Corso del Popolo, the most central avenue in Mestre.

So, in case your hotel is located in this city it could be a comfortable way also to reach it.

Price starts from 10 euros per person per way but in case you purchase the roundtrip ticket you can spare some money and pay only 18 euros.

You can buy the tickets of the Venice airport bus at the local ticket office, at the ticket machines or online.

2. From Marco Polo to Venice city center by private taxi

from venice airport to piazzale roma by cabs or land taxis (Andrzej da Pixabay )

Another easy way to reach Venice is to call a taxi (cab). One ride to Piazzale Roma costs about 40 euros per taxi per way.

In case you have to reach the cruise terminal, the taxi will cost you more: about 45 euros per taxi per way. Mestre city center is a bit lesser: approximately 35 euros per taxi per way.

Please mind that night supplements may apply.

To call a cab, you just need to call the taxi companies or go to the taxi desk inside the airport.

3. From Venice airport to the city center by water buses

from venice marco polo airport to the city by water buses (Andrzej da Pixabay )

Of course one of the most incredible ways to reach the majestic main island of Venice is to go there by water buses, called vaporetti in Venetian dialect.

The water bus company is called Alilaguna and provides the transfers to and from the airport with 3 lines: the Blu (Blue), the Arancio (Orange) and the Rossa (Red, which rides only from April 17th to November 5th).

You can easily reach the pier with a short walk from the arrivals hall.

Water buses connect the airport to the center of Venice (with many stops) but also to the islands of Murano, Giudecca, Lido and Tronchetto (the cruise terminal).

The 3 water buses lines

Here follows a quick summary of the main stops of the 3 lines:

The Blue Line: Marco Polo - Murano - Fondamenta Nove - Lido - San Marco - Molino Stucky (Giudecca) - Cruise Terminal.

The Orange Line (with many stops on the Grand Canal): Marco Polo - Madonna dell'Orto - Guglie - San Stae - Rialto - Sant'Angelo - Cà Rezzonico - Santa Maria del Giglio.

The Red Line (from April April 17th to November 5th): Airport - Murano - Certosa - Lido - San Marco - Giudecca - Cruise terminal.

4. From Venice airport to your hotel in the city center by private water taxi

private water taxis to get to venice from the airport - private transfer to venice (Andrzej da Pixabay )

Another great way to reach the center of the city and maybe get closer to your hotel is to take a water taxi. It is one of the easiest and also fastest ways to reach Venice and finally start your vacation.

On the other hand, it is also one the most expensive ways. However, if you split the price with the other participants of your trip you can spare some money.

It's not so easy to give you a price, because it depends mostly on your final destination. If you are going from the airport to Venice city center you can consider an average price starting from euro 130/140 per taxi per way.

The fare generally includes the transfer for 1 to 4 people with one luggage per person. It does not include any other supplement (like the night supplement which is applied from 11 PM to 7 AM).

Which way will you choose for a transfer from Marco Polo Airport to Venice city center? Our final tips

In this article we have shared with you all the easiest ways to reach the center, from the cheapest ones to the most expensive. You can either choose between ATVO buses, land taxis, water buses or even water taxis.

Please note, that as easy as it may seem, wandering through Venice, with all its bridges and canals, carrying your luggage with you, could be very challenging.

What we may suggest to you is that you organize your arrival transfer before your arrival day in Venice. You can have anything planned beforehand and also spare some money.

Sometimes you can also ask the hotel reception to arrange your arrival transfer for you. Just ask and you might be surprised!

In case you need more info about how to get to Venice and its main islands, you may take a look at the other articles of our blog!

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