Venice, the city of water, fascinates millions of visitors every year. So, it is essential for those who live there to understand how medical care in Venice works to ensure the safety of residents and tourists.

In this article, we will explore the Venetian health care system, providing details on how medical care works, particularly for temporary visitors.

How does medical care work in Venice in general?

Venice medical assistance

The Venetian health care system, managed by the Veneto Regional Health Service, offers a wide range of services for residents and visitors. General practitioners, specialists and hospital facilities are accessible, ensuring quality care. Venetian hospitals are modern and well-equipped, providing high-level care. For foreign residents, it is possible to register with the Italian National Health Service.

How does health care in Venice work for tourists?

Venice also ensures quality medical care for tourists. Available pharmacies offer nonprescription drugs and basic medical consultations. Many private doctors and specialists speak English, simplifying communication for international visitors. In case of more serious emergencies, hospitals and emergency facilities are readily accessible.

How does the Emergency Water Service work in Venice?

Considering the peculiarity of the Venetian transportation system, it is crucial to understand how the Emergency Service on Water works. Boats with medical personnel can quickly reach emergencies in lagoon areas or Venetian waters. It is critical to know the procedures for calling this service and to follow the instructions for effective response.

Procedures for calling the Emergency Water Service:

- Immediately contact the water emergency number.

- Provide accurate information about the location, nature of the emergency, and the number of people involved.

- Follow instructions given by operators to ensure effective response.

How does medical guarding work in Veneto?

The medical guard, known as "Continuità Assistenziale," provides urgent medical care during night hours and on holidays. In Venice, this service can be accessed by contacting the dedicated number. Operators will assess the situation and direct the patient to the service best suited to his or her needs.

How to contact the Veneto emergency medical service?

In medical emergency situations during night hours or on holidays, contact the Veneto medical guard at the dedicated number. Make sure you have all the necessary information at hand, including patient details, description of symptoms, and current location.

Medical guard list in Venice for each area

1. Venice Medical Guard Venice Historic Center

2. Venice Lido Medical Guard

3. Venice Mestre Medical Guard

What services does the medical guard offer for tourists?

The medical guard offers not only emergency services, but also medical consultations for non-serious health problems. These services range from primary care to prescription of basic medications.

Medical guard services for tourists:

- Non-emergency medical consultations.

- Prescription of medications without the need to travel to a hospital.

- Advice on the management of common illnesses during the stay.

How to get reimbursed: health insurance information for tourists

For tourists, getting reimbursed from medical expenses is crucial. International health insurance covers these expenses, but the procedure for reimbursement may vary.

Steps for reimbursement of medical expenses:

1. Keep all receipts and documents related to medical expenses.

2. Contact the insurance company immediately to report the accident or illness.

3. Submit a claim with all necessary documents.

4. Wait for the claim evaluation and reimbursement process.

Useful tips for a better healthcare experience in Venice

For a better healthcare experience in Venice, following some practical tips can make all the difference.

Tips for a better health care experience:

- Health insurance: Purchase international health insurance before traveling.

- Emergency information: Always keep emergency information handy, including numbers for medical services.

- Area pharmacies: Know the location of pharmacies in different areas of Venice.

- Language: Select doctors and facilities that offer services in English to facilitate communication.

Accessible attractions in Venice for people with disabilities

Venice is famous for its unique architecture, but some areas may pose challenges for people with disabilities. However, several attractions are accessible and offer extraordinary experiences.

Accessible attractions in Venice:

- Rialto Bridge: Accessible with wheelchair ramps.

- St. Mark's Square: Uniform paving to facilitate mobility.

- Museums with easy access: Many museums offer services for visitors with disabilities.


Medical care in Venice is well structured to meet the needs of residents and tourists. With a thorough understanding of the services available and the procedures to follow, you can approach any emergency with confidence. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, Venice offers a safe environment with state-of-the-art hospital facilities, water emergency services, and a well-organized medical guard.

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