The European elections on June 9 marked a crucial moment in Venetian politics.

The results outlined an interesting political landscape, with Fratelli d'Italia leading and the Democratic Party in second place.

These results will not only influence the national scene but will also have a significant impact on local politics.

Let's find out Venice province election results 2024.

Venice province election results 2024

In the most populous municipalities of the province, the competition is intense. Noale, Scorzè, and Spinea are ready for the runoff.

Candidates are gearing up for a fierce battle to gain the support needed to win in the second round.

Noale: Sorino vs. Dini

The challenge in Noale is between Stefano Sorino and Alessandra Dini, with the latter scoring a surprising victory over Carlo Fascina. The competition is open, and the runoff will be decisive for the city's political future.

Scorzè: Mestriner vs. Marcon

In Scorzè, Giovanni Battista Mestriner and Nais Marcon are gearing up for a direct confrontation. After a hard-fought first round, both candidates are determined to win and lead the municipality into the future.

Spinea: Bevilacqua vs. Tessari

Spinea also expects an exciting contest between Franco Bevilacqua and Claudio Tessari. Both candidates are ready to fight for the support of the citizens and advance their visions for the city.

Venice province election results: Confirmations and reconfirmations

It's not just the big cities making headlines. In smaller municipalities, several outgoing mayors have been reconfirmed, demonstrating continuity in local administrative choices.

Additionally, some municipalities have seen the reconfirmation of their mayors, surpassing the electoral quorum with significant participation.

Venice province election results: National and local reflections

The electoral outcomes in the province of Venice not only reflect national trends but also show interesting nuances.

With Fratelli d'Italia leading but with the League and the Green-Left Alliance garnering significant support, the local political landscape is varied and promises further developments.

Venice province election results 2024: Conclusions

With the runoff imminent in major municipalities and local politics reflecting both national dynamics and the specifics of the territory, the province of Venice is gearing up for a period of intense political activity and public debate.

It remains to be seen what choices citizens will make and what the consequences of these elections will be for the region's future.

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