Ca Pesaro in Venice is a stunning example of elegant architecture and rich heritage.

Built between the 17th and the early 18th century, this grand palace overlooking the Grand Canal is now home to two of Venice's most prestigious museums.

With an impressive collection of art, architecture, and decorative objects, Ca Pesaro is certainly a must-visit destination for any lover of art and culture.

Let's see what you can visit here, starting from the amazing history of the palace.

The History of Ca Pesaro in Venice

ca pesaro venice

Ca' Pesaro was built between 1652 and 1710 by the noble Pesaro family. It is located in Santa Croce district, in front of the Grand Canal.

The palace was designed by architect Baldassare Longhena, who is also famous for designing the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

After passing through several hands, the palace was acquired by the city of Venice in 1898 and underwent extensive renovations.

Today, the palace is considered a masterpiece of Venetian Baroque architecture, and the perfect setting for two of the city's most important museums.

What to See Inside Ca Pesaro in Venice

ca pesaro venice what to see

Inside Ca' Pesaro, visitors can explore two world-class museums: the International Gallery of Modern Art and the Oriental Art Museum on the third floor.

The Modern art Gallery features a collection of works by some of the most important Italian and foreign artists of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Klimt, Chagall, and Kandinsky.

At first, it had to be just the Museum of the Venice Biennale but in the following years the museum received many works of art from many collectors.

The Asian art Museum, on the other hand, houses a vast collection of Asian and Japanese art and artifacts, including ceramics, textiles, and sculptures.

As the collection is growing, the direction of the museum is deciding to move the collection elsewhere.

How to Get There

Ca' Pesaro is located in the Santa Croce district of Venice, overlooking the most important canal of the city.

The closest vaporetto stop is San Stae, which is served by lines 1 and 2.

From there, it's just a short walk to the palace.

Opening Hours and Tickets

Ca' Pesaro is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm. The palace is closed on Mondays, however you should check the opening hours in advance.

Tickets to each museum costs 10 euros for adults, but discounted rates are available for seniors over 65 and students.

In case you are interested, you can also purchase a combined ticket for both museums for 15 euros.

Would you visit the museums of Ca Pesaro?

Ca Pesaro is one of the most impressive buildings in Venice, and a true treasure trove of art and culture.

Whether you're a lover of modern art or Asian artifacts, the two museums housed within the palace are sure to impress. And with its prime location on the Grand Canal, Ca' Pesaro is the perfect place to soak up the rich history and beauty of Venice.

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